1502 Shoreline Drive, Diamond City, AR 72630, US

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Welcome to Sugarloaf Harbor Marina
on Bull Shoals Lake

Looking For A Great Day On The Lake?

Boat Rental Details

Rental Rates

Full Day- Friday, Saturday, & Sunday $320 + tax, Monday thru Thursday $298 + tax.

Half day/4 Hours- Pick from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm or from 1:30 pm to 5:30 pm for $230 + tax. (We do not reserve in advance for 1/2 day rentals on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday.)

Things to Know

We rent 2019 model pleasure boats and strive to keep them clean and comfortable for everyone, so...

No Fishing - The smell and mess is quite difficult to remove for the next renter and the fishing hooks damage the upholstery.

No Pets - We understand you love your furry friends, but per hair does not come out of the boats very easily and nails damage seating, etc.

No Cooking or Fireworks - Grills and fryers are not only very messy, but can melt the interiors of the boats as can fireworks.

No Parking on the Shore - The rocky banks wear and damage the pontoons and can cause leaking. We provide an anchor with each rental.

Renters must be 21 Years of Age - The person who is driving/responsible for the boat must be a responsible adult at least 21 years of age.

Renters Must Have Major Credit Card - A major credit card is required to place the reservation and kept on file for the day of rental. (A $100 deposit is taken to hold the reservation.) 

Pontoon Boat Details

*Our pontoons have 115 HP motors and tow bars for ease of pulling tubes or kneeboards.

*You leave with a full tank of gas and upon return your tank is topped off so you just pay for what you use.

*Each pontoon boat has a max capacity of 12 people.

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Other Rentals

Paddle Boards 

We rent paddle boards for $20 per hour or $50 for the day.

Tubes & Knee Boards

We have 1-2 person tubes for $30 a day and 2-3 person tubes for $40 a day.

We also have knee boards for $30 a day.

Each tube or knee board rental comes with a tow line.