1502 Shoreline Drive, Diamond City, AR 72630, US

Welcome to Sugarloaf Harbor Marina
on Bull Shoals Lake

Looking For A Great Day On The Lake?

Boat Rental Details

Rental Rates

Full Day- Friday, Saturday, & Sunday $320 + tax, Monday thru Thursday $298 + tax.

Half day/4 Hours- Pick from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm or from 1:30 pm to 5:30 pm for $230 + tax. (We do not reserve in advance for 1/2 day rentals on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday.)

Things to Know

We rent newer, nicer pleasure boats and strive to keep them clean and comfortable for everyone, so...

No Fishing - The smell and mess is quite difficult to remove for the next renter and the fishing hooks damage the upholstery.

No Pets - We understand you love your furry friends, but per hair does not come out of the boats very easily and nails damage seating, etc.

No Cooking or Fireworks - Grills and fryers are not only very messy, but can melt the interiors of the boats as can fireworks.

No Parking on the Shore - The rocky banks wear and damage the pontoons and can cause leaking. We provide an anchor with each rental.

Pontoon Boat Details

Our pontoons have 115 HP motors and tow bars for ease of pulling tubes or kneeboards.

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Other Rentals

Paddle Boards 

We rent paddle boards for $20 per hour or $50 for the day.

Tubes & Knee Boards

We have 1-2 person tubes for $30 a day and 2-3 person tubes for $40 a day.

We also have knee boards for $30 a day.

Each tube or knee board rental comes with a tow line.